They told me…

Girl looking out to sea

They told me I wouldn’t amount to anything They told me I would always have to be on anti-depressants They told me I would always have to have someone to look after me They told me I would never get better or recover from my illnesses They told me that this was my lot and […]

Release your negative emotions today…


Today I urge you, today I encourage you, today I support you in releasing what is trapped inside of your being.  Don’t let it control you anymore and do what it right for you and not what is right for anyone else. A few days ago I stood by the ocean and released a torrent […]

Thank you God…

road ahead

Thank you God, thank you so much for my day ahead. I have no idea what this day will bring but know it will be full of joy, abundance and excitement. The world is my ‘oyster’ and I am surrounded by the most exquisite people I have ever been surrounded by in my whole life. […]

I never knew…

surprised cat

I never knew that giving love to people I have never met before would make me feel so good. I never knew that if I wanted the absolute best and success for the person sitting next to me it would come back and hit me straight in the face. I never knew that so much […]



Sometimes I get jealous Sometimes I get resentful Sometimes I feel fear Sometimes I just scream to the world; “What is it all about!?” Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the pain and the suffering that goes on, on our planet Sometimes I love me Sometimes I don’t Sometimes I look around the world I look […]

When was the last time….

rain on your face

When was the last time you went for a walk in the rain and put your head up towards the sky and let the raindrops fall on your face and say ‘I am free’ When was the last time you took your shoes and socks off and walked barefoot in the sand along the shore […]