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I spent most of my life either wanting to end my life or not wanting to be in this life...

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Lela Starseed is an inspirational speaker, workshop leader and intuitive.
She has been giving talks and running workshops on the power of the mind since 2010.
Along her extraordinary journey, Lela suffered with many different illnesses and used various healing techniques to eliminate her symptoms. She is passionate about how the mind can heal the body and encourages people to stay in their power and that if they choose to believe, they can do the healing for themselves.
More recently she has discovered her true calling in this life. Through a channelling with Janice Carlin, she found out that she is an Incarnated Angel and that she was chosen for an incredible mission to bring peace, healing, love and absolute forgiveness to this planet. 
Lela says:
“It is my intention in helping and empowering many, many people in healing themselves from their dis-eases and illnesses. And ultimately to bring them to an absolute place of forgiveness.
I have made a promise to God that I will do whatever it takes to make this happen.”

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