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My one wish for all of humanity is that we each find it in our hearts to practise forgiveness....

By Lela Starseed 05 Apr, 2016

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I see a beautiful face shining and staring at me in the mirror

I see the pain behind her eyes

I see all that she has endured and wondered how she managed to still be here on this planet

I see her beauty and yes to a lot of people it may be the first thing that people see, by looking at my face

But no, the beauty is within

The beauty is within my soul, within my being

The beauty is something I cannot touch but only feel

The beauty says:

What can I do to serve people on this planet?

What can I do to show people that they can heal themselves of any illness or dis-ease?

What can I do to show people that we are all children of God?

What can I do to bring empowerment, peace and forgiveness back into people’s lives?

What can I do to change the mass, hypnotic programming that is like a virus in people’s lives?

What can I do to tell people how much they are loved, loved by God and loved by the Divine?

And what can I do to shout from the rooftops that you are lovely just as you are and you don’t need to change anything

I love you and today see for yourself the beauty that shines out of your soul!


It is so

By Lela Starseed 31 Mar, 2016

Sometimes I wake up with the light streaming through my eyes even though this is not the light of the sun but the light of God

Sometimes I get down on my knees and pray and call out to God, “How can I make this world a better place?”

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with the pain that is on this planet and what can I do to turn this pain into love

Sometimes I ask God, “Why has the world got into the place that it is in? And what can I do in help healing this planet?”

Sometimes I look up at the sky and I look at the green fields and the birds and the animals and ask when did we stop respecting these beautiful souls

Sometimes I call out in the night and ask what can I do to make this world a better place

Sometimes when everyone has gone to sleep and the world has stopped ‘doing’, then and only then can I listen to the silence and to the voice of God and the voice of my soul

Sometimes I can feel the earth vibrating and shuddering as it absorbs more fear and more pain

Sometimes when I let go and let God I realise that I have NOW no hand in my path and where I am heading and I wait patiently for my divine guidance

Sometimes I want to shake every being on this earth and say, “Do you know people are going without, do you know people are suffering and do you know people are in pain?”

Sometimes I want to say to the world, “Isn’t it time we now come out of this deep sleep that we all seem to be in and help those who are suffering and have less than us?”

Isn’t it time world?

Isn’t it time?
By Lela Starseed 29 Feb, 2016

They told me I wouldn’t amount to anything

They told me I would always have to be on anti-depressants

They told me I would always have to have someone to look after me

They told me I would never get better or recover from my illnesses

They told me that this was my lot and that is what life is like

They told me that there are no such things as friends

They told me money is always hard to come by

They told me my family was an unlucky family

They told me I was nothing special and the only way to get love from people is to please them

They told me that the only way to get love and attention from my family was to be ill

And the list went on and on….










My name is Lela Starseed and I have been on an extraordinary journey. Throughout most of my adult life I was unable to work due to emotional, mental and physical difficulties. I had back problems, knee problems, neck problems, repetitive strain injury, severe depression, unexplained illnesses and finally I developed chronic fatigue syndrome which I had for about 5 years.

But with much determination and much fight that was within me, I was determined that I would not give up on this life. I have now completely recovered from all of these. Every single one. And I recovered because I let out the anger, the resentment, the fear and all those negative emotions that were completely consuming me. And for many, many years I screamed, I shouted and cried the pain out until there was nothing left. I also used the power of the mind to completely recover from the chronic fatigue. One day I woke up and decided this would be the day that I made the decision to return to full health and say strongly to myself that I am fantastically well and healthy!

And so after all those years of soul searching I have now found my voice and there is no going back. I am writing a book called ‘It’s about the belief.’ Which shows that no matter who you are and what you have been through you can get through it because I did!

About 4 months ago I decided to leave a boring mindless job that was crushing my soul to embrace my life purpose. People kept saying to me you need to get a job, you need to get a job even if it is to support your spiritual work but the guidance that I kept on getting, kept on saying no!

I am now running groups, supporting people on a one to one and giving talks on my recovery from chronic fatigue and the power of the mind and completely expressing who you are! Because keeping your thoughts and feelings inside of me made me ill and I want to encourage everyone I meet or connect with to let them out!

On Monday 9th July 2012 I was guided to phone Hayhouse Radio and speak with Wayne Dyer on his weekly radio show and my immediate thought was that you will never get through! And then I thought why not?! I got through straight away and that encounter with him confirmed to me that miracles happen every day and you can do anything you want to! And I always say,

‘It’s about the belief! The belief that you can heal yourself and recover from any illness or disease because that is all it is, a belief!’


By Lela Starseed 21 Dec, 2015

After nearly completing ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ by Wayne Dyer, I also feel this strong connection with the Divine, with God.  I cannot explain it and nearly no one will ever understand what this connection feels like. I feel so strongly that I am God; I am a part of God; I am a fragment of God as Wayne Dyer says, but it is more than that. It completes me; it fulfills me. I am awoken in the early hours to be with God, with the Divine. God comes before everything and everyone. Some people may think I have lost my mind and indeed I have. There is no mind when I am with God. 

Every day I ask what can I do on this sacred Earth to make it a better place to live; what can I do to heal the planet; what can I do to wake everyone up; what can I do to get people to see that they have the presence of God inside of themselves; what can I do to get people to realise that they have the potential to heal themselves of any illness or any trauma or negative experience; what can I do to show people that love is the only way and that fear is just an illusion, just an illusion. 

When I walk about the streets where I live, I see people in pain, I see people living very unfulfilled lives, just existing and not doing what they really want to do. 

Where did it all go so wrong? And when did it all go so wrong? 

We live in a very unconscious society. Our society is equivalent to nursery school. We have so much to learn. So much to learn. When are we going to stop poisoning our planet and stop taking medications that pollute our bodies? When are we going to look at the cause of illnesses and when are we going to stop treating sensitive souls as people with mental disorders or as depressives. These souls feel everything on this planet that most people do not feel. They feel your pain, they feel your pain. They can shake with fear or break down and cry as they feel the deep pain that unconscious people are projecting onto this Earth. Someone has to soak up the anger, the pain, the fear and it is sensitive souls that do this. It may look like they need to be medicated but they do not, they just need to be given a safe space and safe place to release this pain. Pain I must strongly say, is not even theirs. These sensitive souls need to be honoured and acknowledged for who they are and the work they are doing on this planet.

As I have said before I will do whatever I can to wake everyone up and bring healing to this planet and I, Lela Starseed will wait for my Divine guidance. Until then love, love and love yourselves and then you can truly love others.

By Lela Starseed 30 Nov, 2015

I spent most of my life not wanting to be in this life

I spent most of my life just trying to fit in and just trying to exist

I spent most of my life just trying to survive

I spent most of my life just trying to do the right thing but ultimately never knew what the right thing was

I spent most of my life trying to please people and when I could no longer do that, they just walked away from me

I spent most of my life crying and in a constant wave of depression, saying to myself, “What did I do to deserve this treatment and why does crap always happen to me?”

I spent most of my life just trying to stand up straight but always felt like my whole being was crumbling

I spent most of my life wishing I was someone else and always wishing I was somewhere else

I spent most of my life running, running from who I was, until one day, I had to stop running and completely face myself

I spent most of my life with totally unanswered questions and just why was I so ultra-sensitive and why was there no-one like me

I spent most of my life just trying to be me and at last after all this time, I have found her

I have found her!

And I love her


Today I would say to you

Never, ever give up

As there is always light

Always light

Never, ever give up

As there is always someone who can hold your hand and help you see, that there is light

Never, ever doubt who you are

And just because you don’t fit in with your friends, your family, or society, does that make you unworthy, unloving, un-anything at all?

Does that make you think that you have no role in this life?

Does that make you think that you are the most unworthy being on this planet?

Of course not


You are a divine being of God

You are God

And if you ever lose your connection with God or the divine, just breathe and then breathe again

Because you are the most beautiful soul that had ever graced (embraced) this earth

And you have been put on this earth to create magic, fulfillment and love

And so it is



By Lela Starseed 23 Nov, 2015

It is about time the world wakes up.

Why are we walking about as though we are asleep?

Every day the papers are writing the atrocities that are going on round the world but what are we doing as a global community on this Earth to change things; to support people that are homeless, have no food to eat and are forced to leave their home, their cultures, to find salvation, peace and safety.


There are thousands of people who are living in temporary accommodation in Calais, France, desperate, absolutely desperate to make a life to find somewhere they can call home. What has happened to humanity? What has happened to it? Why do we continue to close our eyes and ears to what is going on in our world?


Should it matter what country you come from?

Should it matter whether you have the right documents; the right passport to have access to a land that will give you salvation?


These generous and beautiful people in France are being treated like animals in cages. These generous and beautiful people are loving people who are intelligent and would probably, (given the right opportunity,) work harder than most people. They would work hard because they deeply know what it is like to go without. They know what it is like to suffer and to experience pain on the deepest level. Remember some of these people have walked 1000’s of miles to get to France and some, as I am sure you know are dying trying to make it to the shores of England.

Isn’t it time we supported people like this, supported people who are homeless. A few months ago I had to leave where I was living. I searched for over three months to find somewhere. I couldn’t afford the extortionate fees that estate agents charge. One estate agent said they wouldn’t be able to help me because I had said, “I would have to claim housing benefit to help me pay the rent.” The judgement, the unbelievable judgement. Our estate agents are failing us (along with our governments) and we wonder why there are so many homeless people! Not everyone is earning money or earning enough money due to circumstances we don’t need to write about here.


In those three months, I stayed at various youth hostels and travelled to different places on the south-coast. Fortunately I at last managed to find somewhere permanent.


However, there is money out there. There are people with thousands of pounds if not millions of pounds in their bank accounts.


Isn’t it time we take a real long look in the mirror and say,

“Am I doing enough to help and support others who are in need or who are suffering and if not, what can I do to support these people?”


Let us now wake up and really care for every living soul on this planet and not just, members of our family and friends.

And “Yes!” there is enough money to go round although that is another article.


I pray, that you may each find it in your hearts and your souls to listen to the truth, to the truth that is crying out in pain.


By Lela Starseed 23 Nov, 2015

As I walk on God’s earth

I am feeling my feet for the first time    

I am an incarnated angel

A pure being

And I embrace my new way of being

I embrace my new way of living

I have to now trust in God

And trust in the light, the pure light that has always been present inside of my being

I am a divine soul

And I am here to bring peace and love to this planet

The truth is out there

It is out there, and it is closer than you think

You or I do not need to do anything to make these changes happen but just be

The world, the planet that we live on is diseased and it is now up to us as a race of people to bring love and harmony and forgiveness

There is only love

And that is all there has ever been

We have just forgotten who we are, that’s all

You know the truth that is deep inside every one of us

You do know it

Just listen and it will be shown to you

It will be shown

You have all a role to play on this planet of yours that you call Earth, all of you

Do not procrastinate

Do not live in fear

But only in love

The world, the earth cannot wait, it is time

It is time

Lela loves you all and she will do what she can to bring peace and healing to this earth

Until then we wait patiently with love

The Angelic Realm

Dearest Beloveds
The following is taken from my book, It's About The Belief, which is due to be available very soon, but in the meantime do think about the experiences that have showed up in your life and if you can honestly say, "Did I have any involvement in manifesting this experience?"

"Looking back, at my life and all of my experiences, I know I had an absolutely major part to play and that I saw myself, as a total victim.
And, that it is very easy to blame the other person about why relationships failed and why things didn’t work out.
But, as a society and as individuals we need to take responsibility that we all, all of us have a part to play for everything that happens in our life.
So I Lela Starseed give thanks for all the people who showed up in my life and the part they successfully played." 


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Lela Starseed is an inspirational speaker, workshop leader and intuitive.
She has been giving talks and running workshops on the power of the mind since 2010.
Along her extraordinary journey, Lela suffered with many different illnesses and used various healing techniques to eliminate her symptoms. She is passionate about how the mind can heal the body and encourages people to stay in their power and that if they choose to believe, they can do the healing for themselves.
More recently she has discovered her true calling in this life. Through a channelling with Janice Carlin, she found out that she is an Incarnated Angel and that she was chosen for an incredible mission to bring peace, healing, love and absolute forgiveness to this planet. 
Lela says:
“It is my intention in helping and empowering many, many people in healing themselves from their dis-eases and illnesses. And ultimately to bring them to an absolute place of forgiveness.
I have made a promise to God that I will do whatever it takes to make this happen.”

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